Battery Check NewFree Battery Checks

Vehicle batteries are subject to wear and tear. Watch for corrosion, cracked cables or cases, loose hold-downs, liquid or dirt. A clean battery will last longer. 

A vehicle’s alternator or battery may be at fault at times and it can be difficult to determine which is causing the problem. Instead of waiting for a battery to fail you could alternately bring it into Battery Barn for a test.

To ensure your battery is performing we offer free, on-site battery and alternator checks.  

Upon inspection, our staff can determine whether your battery needs replacing or simply needs to be recharged. We will also check that your alternator is providing the battery with enough charge.

Additionally we can provide the most suitable battery for your vehicle when the need arises. We stock a wide range of vehicle batteries at competitive prices.

For your peace of mind don’t hesitate to bring your battery or alternator in for a free, no-fuss test. Our staff are happy to help.

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