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Battery Chargers

The essential item in any home, garage, shed, mechanics’ workshop or industrial shed, there are battery chargers for all battery chemistries and sizes.  

The chemicals in batteries power their reactions. Some of these chemicals, such as nickel and cadmium, are toxic and may cause damage to humans or the environment. Recharging your batteries rather than disposing of them can help the environment by keeping heavy metals out of landfill and air and will save you money and time.  

The size of a battery dominates the rate of charge that is applied to recharge. The Projecta charger is an extremely versatile charger that has an adjustable output, which means that one charger can be used for many different-sized batteries. The Projecta charger also allows the user to select the type of battery that is being charged.

Excellent for the home handyman, off-road driving, boating, camping and many other uses, the Projecta charger is fully automatic, safe and easy to use and will maintain your battery in superior condition.

Battery Charger WorkshopBattery Accessories

We stock a wide variety of accessories to mount, hold down, clean and jump-start your battery. We also stock everything you need to send power to and from your battery including chargers, plugs and sockets, isolators, DC-DC chargers, battery boxes and inverters. You name it we have it!  

Accessories include:
  • Jump start cable

  • Jump start packs

  • Cable

  • Terminals

  • Trays

  • Hold-downs

  • Dual battery system kits

  • Isolators

  • DC-DC chargers

  • Plugs and sockets

  • Monitors


Inverters convert direct current into an alternate current. They are commonly used to run items such as sleep apnoea machines, laptops, lights and have many applications in a camping environment when away from 240V power.  

Inverters convert 12V DC battery power into 240V AC power, which means you can run any 240V or mains power appliance, or piece of equipment. It is important to note that when looking for an inverter the size is important. Inverters come in many sizes from 150W up to 2000W and more.

We also stock inverters for items such as condenser microphones, desktop microphones and vehicle power adapters.

Pure sine wave inverters are used to operate sensitive electronic devices that require high quality waveform with little harmonic distortion. In addition, they have high surge capacity which means they are able to exceed their rated wattage for a limited time. This enables power motors to start easily, which could otherwise draw up to seven times their rated wattage during start-up.

Virtually any electronic device will operate with the output from a pure sine wave inverter.

Modified sine wave inverters (modified square-wave or step-wave) approximate a pure sine waveform. Modified sine wave inverters are designed to satisfy the efficiency requirements of the photovoltaic system while being less expensive than pure sine waveform inverters. These inverters are capable of operating a wide variety of loads, electronic and household items including but not limited to television, videocassette recorders, satellite receivers, computers and printers.


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