VehiclesCars & Utes

Battery Barn carries a comprehensive range of automotive batteries for every need and budget.

Select from leading brands in design, performance and reliability to match the most efficient and suitable battery to your vehicle.

Specialist component batteries and designed and built tough batteries are available to deliver longer life and superior performance in extreme climates and harsh conditions.  

Also available are low maintenance and maintenance free batteries for the latest innovation in vehicles including for idle stop systems, hybrid technology and regulated charge control systems.

We have ultra high and high performance batteries, heavy duty also suitable for imported or European vehicles, batteries that reduce CO2 emissions, batteries with spiral cell technology, batteries for four-wheel-drives and more.

Battery Barn has everything you need to take off for the weekend or get to work with ‘no worries’.

TruckTrucks & Vans

Battery Barn has an extensive range of batteries for all truck and van applications, including Bosch batteries which are of a superior quality. We have everything a plant operator or manager could wish for in a battery.

We stock ultra high and high performance batteries as well as heavy duty.  We provide batteries with optimal long life and dependable performance with less down-time. Our batteries have tough internal components designed for dependability and longer life for trucks, vans, farm, construction and heavy plant equipment. Thicker battery plates and high density oxide paste help deliver the power and durability you need while resisting vibration in extreme operating conditions.

Some trucks require more than one battery to be fitted.  Though in some cases only one battery will have failed, we recommend that all batteries making up the battery-bank should be replaced at the same time. The reason for this is that if only one battery is replaced, the system will recognise that this battery has more capacity and will over-work it instead of evenly distributing the power load of the whole battery bank.

Battery Barn are committed to help keeping your worksite operations running smoothly.

MotorbikeMotorbike Batteries

Manufactured to the highest international standards from durable internal components and the latest techniques, our comprehensive range of batteries provide reliable starting power and performance.

Motorbike batteries are available in a variety of chemistries including wet, lead acid and AGM. Wet, lead acid batteries usually come dry and need to filled with acid and then charged.

Our AGM batteries are the premium conventional motorbike battery and are built to withstand extreme vibration and high revs for the racing enthusiast in you.

Maintainable and maintenance free sports batteries are also available, suitable for a diverse range of applications including scooters.

Collectors and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts can put their mind at ease, as they select from a wide range of choices of battery while receiving expert advice for their special bike.

Golf CartGolf Cart Batteries

Tee-off with a golf cart battery of only the highest quality golf buggy batteries available in Trojan and Bosch; batteries that can withstand a deep and regular discharge.

Golf cart batteries are configured from either a 36V or 48V battery bank. Pro-fill watering systems are used to automatically water your golf cart batteries without having to open each battery cell and top up with water. Not only is this extremely convenient and time-saving it also eliminates any chance of chemical burn. Keeping your golf cart batteries topped up is imperative for longer battery life.

If renewable energy power systems and efficiency interest you, we recommend the watering systems when installing a new battery bank. Battery Barn will not only fit your golf cart batteries free of charge, but we will also set up your watering systems as part of our service to you.

At Battery Barn our desire is for you to secure optimal life from a reliable battery system so that you can enjoy your valuable leisure time on the golf course.

Mobility ScootersWheelchair and Mobility Scooter Batteries

Battery Barn stock powerful and reliable batteries at competitive prices in a large variety of batteries depending on the make and model of equipment it’s required for. We offer full warranty.

Choose from a wide range of capacities in AGM, SLA or GEL 12 volt batteries in all the top preferred brands.

These batteries are frequently a deeply discharged kind and therefore require a superior deep cycle battery to withstand this extreme discharge.

We can also offer expert advice on maintaining your battery so it doesn’t let you down.

A fast 24-hour home delivery service is also available to get you on the move again.  We also offer a special service for our Disabled Community.

At Battery Barn we care for all your battery-charged mobility needs. Give us a call to make sure that you or your loved one will receive the correct advice and price to receive optimum mileage from your battery.

Solar PanelsSolar Panels for Recreational Vehicles

You can set up camp anywhere with a solar-powered caravan or motorhome. 

Solar panels are an excellent way to keep your batteries charged while enjoying the peaceful scenery far from the madding crowd.  

Solar panels are quiet, affordable, durable, last for around 20 years and are low maintenance.

You may choose from 12 and 24 volt panels matched to the RV’s battery voltage. Panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit most vehicles or installation areas. Panels are charged while your vehicle is running so they are ready for all your camping needs when you get there. 

For your peace of mind, it’s a good idea to invest in a 240 volt battery charger so you don’t get caught out in a remote location.

For larger vehicles solar panels may be mounted to the roof, a method preferred by veteran campers for its convenience.

If you have a smaller vehicle we recommend portable solar panels. On a hot summer’s day these can be placed a few metres away in the sunshine while you rest in the shade. Some panels are foldable and are fitted with an easy-to-carry handle.

Battery Barn will answer all your questions, take care of professional installation and we’ll also be there for you if your vehicle battery goes flat in the great outdoors.

Phone batterMobile Phones & Communications

Battery Barn stocks batteries of exceptional quality for all types of mobile and cordless phones and cameras. 

When looking for a replacement battery it is important to obtain the battery model. If this is not available, we can recommend the right battery if you provide details of the voltage, amperage hours and model of the phone.

We stock an extensive range of communication batteries for all brands of phones, smart-phones and cameras including IXUS, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Blackberry, Apple, all iPhone models, Samsung and Nokia.

Even if you have an older model phone we can help you find and install the right battery. Please be aware that installation of an iPhone battery could take up to 30 minutes. 

It is also recommended that you backup all information on your iPhone to protect against data loss. It is highly unlikely for data loss to occur, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Mobile Phone Batteries & Repairs

It’s important to keep connected to the outside world. To ensure that your mobile phone or tablet are performing, Battery Barn can help with batteries and services.

If you are on a mobile plan and need a new battery for your iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Nokia or any other mobile phone, we can provide.

Has your smartphone or tablet been dropped and received a cracked screen?  Or perhaps it fell into some water or received impact damage of another kind. We can test and repair your smartphone or tablet for a very competitive price. It’ll be back to normal in no time.

Before bringing your phone in for repair we recommend that all the device’s data is backed-up for your convenience. We can also help you with the right advice on technology to make it happen.

Please contact one of our friendly staff for a quote. 

Marine Boat BatteriesMarine Batteries

If you want to get out in the ‘tinny’ this weekend for a spot of fishing, it would be wise to first test your battery to make sure you return safely to shore. We have battery testing services or you might need a brand new battery for your motor.

For the best experience with skiing and wake-boarding you need a battery with ‘grunt’ and protection from the elements.

We have fully sealed, impact-resistant batteries for your motor boat that will withstand rough water vibration. Choose from top batteries, deep cell batteries, accessible expanded calcium batteries and more.

So you can get out onto the water for family fun, drop in or call our friendly staff for all the right advice.

We offer low maintenance or maintenance free marine batteries for a wide range of applications.  

If you work for the State Emergency Services the last thing you need during a marine search operation, is for your motor boat battery to run out of power.  We also stock batteries for marine torches, spotlights, lamps and outdoor lighting.  Good on you for helping our community.

At Battery Barn we understand your needs, whether you are performing a rescue operation, fishing on the lake or getting some sun and surf.


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